OUTLIERS – Malcolm Gladwell

Outlier – ­ a person or thing differing from all other members of a particular group or set. Outliers is a fascinating book by Malcolm Gladwell which inspires the reader to the core. In this book, Gladwell analyses success and opportunity. He answers the questions of how people achieve so much and how can they […]

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NO MAN’S LAND – David Baldacci

John Puller, military investigator has gone through a lot and even accomplished in solving some of the most mysterious cases but nothing is going to prepare him for what is coming next. The case of his mother’s disappearance which had occurred 30 years ago has been re­ opened and his father has been blamed for […]

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THE ESCAPE – David Baldacci

Author David Baldacci returns with a thrilling action packed and suspenseful story with military investigator John Puller. The story is set in the United States but mainly Kansas and Washington DC. For John Puller, this case has deep implications, he has to choose between family and duty and as the complexity of the situation deepens […]

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