NO MAN’S LAND – David Baldacci

John Puller, military investigator has gone through a lot and even accomplished in solving some of the most mysterious cases but nothing is going to prepare him for what is coming next. The case of his mother’s disappearance which had occurred 30 years ago has been reĀ­ opened and his father has been blamed for murdering him. His mother’s body had never been found again and as Puller and Knox pour over the case, they uncover something which can have drastic implications on the military. Paul Rogers, a man who has now spent ten years in prison is finally freed, he gives himself only one mission, to murder the women who made him the monster he is. Paul is a very powerful man, he had been the pinnacle of DARPA’s super soldier programme thirty years ago, Both the men had no idea how their fates would rest in each other’s hands