AB: The Autobiography – Ab De Villiers

Ab De Villiers is one of the most astonishing cricketers of all time. He can do everything from pulling off breathtaking catches to hitting bizarre sixes off toe-breaking yorkers. He has never failed to amaze us fans with his spectacular gallery of shots containing everything from reverse sweeps to amazing drives. As a fielder, he is the best in the world. This is his journey as a sportsman, a humble person and most importantly a respectable citizen of South Africa. The book not only talks about cricket but about his hobbies and passions too.

He grew up in a sport loving family. He was intrinsically attracted to sport. While growing up, he was an impeccable sportsman who excelled at tennis, rugby and cricket and was the youngest of three mad, sport loving brothers. For him, sport was ingrained into his basic psychology and biology.

The book describes every single moment of his epic journey through his own words. From debuting for the titans to smashing the world’s fastest century against the West Indies, from hitting sixes in the Indian premier league to encouraging the development of South Africa off the field through protea fire. Ab De Villiers has never failed to amaze us, whether he is at home or smashing a swashbuckling century.


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