End of Watch – Stephen King

End of watch is a truly magnificent book, full of suspense and magic. This book makes the impossible seem possible. Stephen King not only weaves a beautiful story but also changes the way we look at police and criminals. The story is set in the states, a place the outside world sees as a paradise but will Brady Hartsfield change that? Brady Hartsfield, a genius who has attempted public massacres and is now reduced to a shell of a man tries to influence another public massacre by using his strange telekinetic powers. Since childhood, Brady has been attracted towards suicide, he has even coaxed a few people into killing themselves. How can a person who can’t even walk, influence and start a tide of suicides in America? Retired police officer Bill Hodges acts as the protagonist in the story, Stephen King portrays that not even the good are perfect, this is shown when Bill is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Bill’s partner, Holly, is a lively and ingenious human being, her way around with computers and diplomatic problem-solving skills are the perfect companion for Bill’s bravery and determination. This book is a masterclass with a basic theme of good versus evil.


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