The war of the five kings continues, black sorceries dominate Westeros along with multiple sins in the eyes of gods and men alike, chiefly the red wedding. Melisandre and her ‘red’ magic looks like nothing but an illusion with the three kings dying supposedly at the hands of her ‘leeches’ which had sucked king’s blood out of Edric Storm. The downfall of the Starks again is a reminder of Martin’s ability to kill off characters when it is least likely to happen. Robb Stark’s death is  unwelcome, who doesn’t like the north and the Stark words: “Winter Is Coming.” The plot deepens too when the question of Joffrey’s poisoning comes up, what killed him? Melisandre’s leeches, Sansa’s black amethyst’s or some poison put into his chalice by the Imp, judging by the confusion and blood in Westeros, the mystery will never be uncovered.

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