The war has run itself out but the Lannister claim to the iron throne is still insecure. House Martell want revenge for their dead. The north is divided with the Boltons in control. The war has cost Westeros time to refill their supplies for winter, the land is barren and the only food available is from the previous harvest or from across the narrow sea. The Vale of Arryn and Dorne remain untouched but scarred. Across the narrow sea, Daenerys’s empire and dragons grow ever larger. Westeros is bracing for an inevitable war. Cersei Lannister is making enemies out of friends and friends out of enemies. Without the power of Highgarden and Dorne, the Iron throne will fall and Cersei with it. The seven kingdoms will never be more ripe for conquest, they will never be more ripe for “fire and blood.”


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