Bitcoins have now become the rulers of e-currency, their exponential and alarming value, combined with their worldwide recognition, and their association with luxury and high-quality living make them, priceless. The Bitcoin is all set to become the major currency around the world and herald a new era of artificial intelligence, robotics and technology. However, at the heart and foundation of the bitcoin lies a mystery so immense and disturbing that it questions the origin of the online supergiant. The whitepaper introducing bitcoin ( was written by a mysterious and ominous personality named Satoshi Nakamoto. He was the founder of the bitcoin, however, after the bitcoin gained public opinion, Nakamoto disappeared. Till date, the real person behind the bitcoin remains a mystery, some say it was Nick Szabo, some say it was Dorian Nakamoto. Other reports mention personalities of great stature like Hal Finney, Craig Wright, Adi Shamir and Gavin Andresen. Even Elon Musk has been linked to the mysterious founder of Bitcoin!