Social Media: Boon or Bane?

Today, in the modern era, social media rules all. Hanging out with a friend? Post it on Facebook. At a cricket match? Make a snap. Want to express your views on last night’s match? Tweet it. Social media has completely engrossed itself into our lives. Friendship isn’t measured in how many valuable moments you share, […]

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Is Walmart ready to take on Amazon?

Amazon, the world’s current leader in e-commerce is now tackling multiple aspects of everyday society, such as fulfilling the demand for instant and fresh fruits and vegetables. Not more than fifteen years ago, Walmart dominated the retail industry. Every single product was available on the shelves of the retail bull, people would take out hours and […]

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Fantastic Fossasia – GCI 2017

Hello Everyone! I’m going to talk about the Google Code-In, and the organization I’ve chosen: FOSSASIA. Firstly, the GCI is a competition for high school kids, they not only showcase their programming skills but their research and designing skills. The GCI is not only about coding, you don’t need to be the next Bill Gates […]

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The perfect read for the businessman, this book ruthlessly analyses and uncovers the successful strategies behind the four, modern-day monopolies, Amazon, Facebook, Google and Apple. From target markets to competitors, from stocks to brick and mortar stores, from luxury goods to advertising, this book covers all aspects of a high school business management textbook. The […]