Fantastic Fossasia – GCI 2017

Hello Everyone! I’m going to talk about the Google Code-In, and the organization I’ve chosen: FOSSASIA. Firstly, the GCI is a competition for high school kids, they not only showcase their programming skills but their research and designing skills. The GCI is not only about coding, you don’t need to be the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs in order to win. There is an infinite number of tasks, some are categorized as beginner tasks and are a great way for you to learn about GCI tasks. You have tasks in the categories of outreach, research, designing, documentation and of course, coding!

For me, the GCI is an exciting opportunity to learn about coding and full stack development, it inspires a kind of developer environment. The skills and experience you get from participating in a contest of such sheer immensity are infinitesimally handy. I can use this competition to complete as many tasks as possible and to learn how to operate under deadlines, to pace myself and improve my programming skills. Only a week into the contest, and I’ve already improved on my earlier personality, I now know how to use GitHub and how to store objects in local storage, its a true, genuine learning experience.

I found out about the contest through my friends, they had taken part in the competition last year and they told me about it, it’s a real opportunity and its popular amongst school students.

My parent organization, Fossasia will also be vital in my learning experience. Till now, I’ve found the mentors extremely kind and helpful, they’ve taken less than 12 hours to reply to each of my queries. Till now, I’ve observed that Fossasia promotes a special kind of environment, a challenging and competitive environment which I am sure will make this competition even more interesting. I’m actually really interested in FOSSASSIA’s Pocket Science Lab, their idea is an innovating and inspiring one, in fact, the physical applications of the project seem practical and inspiring. Not only university students and scientists, but high school students looking for equipment for practising for their exam practicals at home will find this project useful, its a brilliant use of innovation by FOSSASIA. Other projects that catch my eye are the search engines developed by FOSSASIA, it takes quite a deal of programming and experience and well, guts, to make search engines and make them available to the public. FOSSASIA also has an immense amount of focus on open source applications, I have the WordPress app and 2048 game on my phone, they’re both open source applications. Open source applications are ones which allow you to see the source code. FOSSASIA has also developed quick and efficient communication lines through gitter, it’s easy and fast to ask queries and get answers, it’s very comfortable and your patience isn’t tested at all.

Currently, I am interested in technologies that relate to artificial intelligence, with strategic applications, similar to Amazon, which utilizes consumer searches to give them products that are customized for them. Artificial intelligence, according to me, is the next big quantum leap in the world of technology, with it, computers will know more about us than we ourselves, its difficult to imagine but yes, it will be true. As a result, terrorists and criminals can be found, their accounts can be traced back through their searches, for example, “How to make a bomb.”