The WIMUN Experience

Hey, long time no see. Last month, I had one of the most wonderful trips of my life. WIMUN was a brilliant experience for not just me, but the surely the thousands of delegates who went there. The venue, New York City was also a huge goodie in the bag. WIMUN forced us to abandon our earlier MUN mythologies and beliefs and practices, and indulge ourselves into the actual United Nations format, saying that WIMUN was a life-changer would be an understatement, it taught us how to be a delegate, the morals and values that you hold close and the procedure with which you act for your country.

Normally, MUN delegates are spurred on by the promise of awards and glory and fame but at WIMUN, we were forced to abandon those sentiments and work together to actually try to achieve global parity. In fact, the format made it extremely hard to compete, we were forced to switch block leaders and establish consensus with everyone, the committee was based on mutual agreement and diplomacy and co-operation. WIMUN taught us how to actually transcend ourselves from delegates to competitors and how to connect with the issues at hand at their core, to understand them and crux of the problem they pose.


A trip through the official headquarters of the United Nations made it even more special, sitting in the very seats where delegates from countries around the world sit, looking at the podium where great people have spoken and walking down the same corridor as the secretary general of the United Nations made it feel transparent, too good to be true.

WIMUN wasn’t just a MUN, it was a life-changing experience, one which every delegate will be sure to remember. Having the amazing skyline of New York City as a backdrop made it even more special, as delegates, our hopes and aims went higher than the skyscrapers themselves!

Finally, the MUN wouldn’t have been what it was without the presence of an amazing and inspiring committee staff who pushed us to achieve the best possible result, they constantly motivated us and guided us to bring out the best in our ourselves.


In all, WIMUN was a student’s dream, and in case you’re one, wondering whether or not to go, I would surely recommend going, the experience will change your life like nothing else!


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