Bihar Diaries by Amit Lodha

A brilliant book and a must read for all Indians! Bihar Diaries is a book that contains all the aspects a thrilling, adventurous non-fiction should have. It reveals the true nature of the police and the conditions they work in at certainly goes against some social stereotypes. As a reader, but more so as an Indian, I feel proud of the fact that an SP posted in a small district was able to take down a gangster so high up in the folds of society. Also, I was able to sympathize with the author on many occasions, especially when he mentioned that the police force is misunderstood just because of some corrupt people, who bring down the ‘image’ of the entire force with them

Possessing a cliché ‘cop-criminal,’ Bihar Diaries is anything but cliché. It takes real values and ideas and presents them in a manner that is the mark of an expert storyteller. Also, while reciting the story of the capture of an infamous gangster, the author also recalls moments from his past that shaped him, moments that help us understand who he really is and what defines him which makes the book even more exciting as it takes the reader on a journey that tells him/her not only about the capture but the emotions and experiences behind it.

In all, this book justifies why the police force carries a lion on its chest and while using a classic ‘good vs evil’ story, makes a real story sound like one from our wildest imaginations, which goes on to re-emphasize that our fantasies are based on reality. To be honest, I can see this book becoming an Indian Classic at some point not far off in the future