Earth’s Evil Twin (Patrika Plus)

As published in Patrika plus:

Lessons for the Earthlings from Venus (Patrika Plus) – Mehul Jangir

Venus isn’t that different from Earth, it is almost identical in size and shape. However, if you want to call Venus Earth’s twin, it would be the evil one. Scientists argue that Venus might’ve supported life a long time ago, perhaps millions or even billions of years ago but today, Venus is the embodiment of hell itself. With an atmosphere composed primarily of sulphur dioxide and carbon dioxide, a surface temperature hot enough to melt lead and a surface pressure 92 times that of Earth, Venus can kill a person many times over. The longest any artificial lander has lasted on Venus is 18 minutes, just 18 minutes.

How did this happen? Eons ago, Venus had vast oceans of water during the early stages of the Sun’s life. As the Sun aged, it started getting hotter and thus started heating Venus’s surface. This converted all the oceans into water vapor, one of the strongest greenhouse gases known to nature. As a result, more heat was trapped, and the planet grew hotter, releasing vast amounts of Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere. Today, only 0.04% of the Earth’s atmosphere is composed of Carbon Dioxide whereas 97% of Venus’s atmosphere is composed of Carbon Dioxide, 97%

What do we, as species or an intelligent inhabitant of a brilliant planet take away from this? Venus was devastated because of natural causes but Earth may fall prey to the same destruction by artificial means. The levels of any gas in the atmosphere always rise exponentially, the same is applicable for Carbon Dioxide. No inhabitant of planet Earth has ever altered the atmosphere as much as humans, in fact, even natural factors haven’t caused Carbon Dioxide levels to be higher than 0.04% in over 4 billion years, that is a lot of time!

This is what global warming is, and if we don’t stop or prevent this now, the effects of it will escalate. Venice is already sinking, Tuvalu is sinking and so are coastal cities around the world. More and more heatwaves with graver effects are hitting the Earth, places like Canada and Egypt are now victims of these heatwaves as well. As our planet heats up, ice shelves around the world decrease in both number and size, not only does this harm the environment and animal life, but it harms the climate and ultimately, our very own future.

As published in Patrika Plus.