One Category To Rule Them All

As temperatures, water levels and scarcity rise tenfold across the globe, from the vast plains of the Savanna to the frosty woods of Alaska, we humans seem to be stuck in a race that’s just getting out of hand. Alarmingly, surprisingly little is being done to counter this development of a sinkhole – sucking us in slowly but surely.

Fortunately, history has proven, again and again, that change starts small. As Walt Disney said, “It all started with a mouse.” Even more, luckily, the modern-day internet age means that ideas can diffuse across society at breakneck speed. The driving forces behind the climate control movement, today’s multi-billion dollars businesses are crafting the ladder we must climb to save this planet. Firms like Google and Tesla have successfully shown the effectiveness of driving yourself towards a goal. However, it is time another corporate monolith – Apple, took charge. Sure, Apple has moved towards manufacturing environment-friendly products, yet it still wastes tons of resources.

Boasting astronomical sales north of a couple hundred million dollars, one can’t even begin to imagine the sheer number of white boxes, user manuals and worthless apple logo stickers that have been discarded by today’s iPhone savvy society. It’s time Apple made up for its mistakes.

The most effective way towards beginning this rejuvenation process would be to change its outlook and start prioritising the future. An ‘environment’ category on the App Store may catalyse this change.

Now, this wouldn’t just be a goodwill measure. For a long time, developers and businesses, especially environment-based NGOs, have looked for platforms upon which they can spread their influence. Creating a new, separate environment category would mean creating a whole new market. Like a bacteria stumbling upon a picture-perfect culture, the entire sector of environmental benefit and climate awareness will boom. Moreover, doing this would also transport stories, news, and action directly into the lives of millions of customers. If Apple executes this to perfection, the sky’s nothing but the first rung in the ladder.

Furthermore, creating an environment category wouldn’t just mean promoting the climate control movement, but would also translate over into a more satisfied consumer base. Consequently, Apple would gain a mammoth advantage over its rivals around the globe. It could also prove to be the key to unlocking the vast wealth of China and India.

Significantly, an environment category would also give Apple much-needed bargaining power. If the environment project takes off successfully in the US, governments might have to think twice before placing limits on Apple, given how it would indirectly mean imposing a limit on a firm that is creating and shaping the future by preventing a calamity.

Lastly, the world sorely needs an environment category. It is the key to truly unlocking the potential of technology. Children growing up alongside such apps – planting trees with their parents, earning green points and respecting the beauty and allure of nature would heal deep-set wounds in mother nature. It could result in the rise of a generation that knows the importance of the environment and can thus help ameliorate it. Over the last few years, I’ve experienced seeing fewer trees, listening to fewer birdsongs and smelling fewer flowers, while suffering soaring temperatures. Later generations don’t deserve to see nature in its culmination. It’s time Apple went from being just a brand to a messiah.


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