SAT – Starting Prep

This is going to be a really short post. I took my first ‘full practice test’ on Khan Academy’s official SAT practice page today. Long story short, I had been doing random practice questions for a few days so I thought I would nail it, and was naively aiming for a 1500+, maybe even a 1540/60. Unfortunately, I got 1430.

So yeah, this is more of a ‘challenge accepted’ thing. I’ve decided to practice hard every day and take a full test every Sunday as a status update.

Furthermore, I’ve been going through the SAT subreddit, and have done some research, and it turns out that Khan Academy’s 3rd full-test is really tough. So, I’ll take the long term approach (which is rare) and do the 3rd test at the end of August, and basically just give it my all until then!

I’m hoping to get to a 1500 next week. My math was pretty strong (two mistakes, one silly). I want to get a full on both the math sections next week. English needs a lot of work. I’m aiming for a 720 in english for next week. Adios!.