Mehul Jangir is an author, columnist and debater who lives Jaipur, India. He is currently a student at Jayshree Periwal International School studying in his third year of high school.

Mehul was considered to be an avid reader at a very young age and finished all sorts of books from Harry Potter to Outliers by sixth grade. His talent for weaving stories out of nothing became prominent very early on and he always envisioned himself as an author, even in fifth grade. His first book was published by Quignog in January 2018 in Udaipur at the Kitaabo literature Festival, the title being,‘Survival: Sandstorm: The Journey That Changed the Course of World War II.’ It took him two years of hard work and determination to finish the book. Touted as a ‘young and brilliant mind,’ Mehul has already embraced literary techniques that have eluded authors throughout their careers. He had a dream of writing a book from a very young age and he was inspired by the likes of J.K Rowling and George R.R Martin to trust his imagination in forming an intricate story. He received the ‘Young Leader Creating a Better World for All’ award at the Annual Women Economic Forum 2018 for his book.

In July 2018, the ‘Rajasthan Patrika,’ a famous newspaper, extended him the honor of a role as a weekly columnist. This was not something Mehul had envisioned him from an early age but something that attracted him after his early foray into the literary world, he published his first article for the Rajasthan Patrika on the 4th of August. With his weekly column, Mehul aims to educate a wide audience about many subjects ranging from Climate Change to Astronomy and bring about social awareness regarding many issues and doubts.

He is also an international level debater. He has won debate competitions in New York, Delhi, Chandigarh and Jaipur. This journey into debate and mock politics began in his freshman year in high school when he performed noticeably well in his maiden debate competition in Chandigarh. With time, he came to realize that debate is about more than just winning awards and arguing with people, it is about expressing your views in a manner that allows you to face opposition to your arguments and present solutions to that same problem, which is often complex and dynamic. Through his debating career, he has spoken on many topics such as the Yemen Crisis, Women Empowerment, the ‘Diplomacy Award’ at the United Nations Headquarters in New York for representing Bolivia in the General Assembly at a Model United Nations Conference.

Mehul is currently working on his second book.