Earth’s Evil Twin (Patrika Plus)

As published in Patrika plus: Lessons for the Earthlings from Venus (Patrika Plus) – Mehul Jangir Venus isn’t that different from Earth, it is almost identical in size and shape. However, if you want to call Venus Earth’s twin, it would be the evil one. Scientists argue that Venus might’ve supported life a long […]

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Our Little Blue Dot (Patrika Plus)

As published in Patrika plus: The Folly of Midas Touch (Patrika Plus) – Mehul Jangir  Have you ever heard the story of King Midas? Midas was a person who had everything in life, but he was of the opinion that further riches awaited him. According to Greek legend, Midas asked the Greek God Dionysus […]

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The Palliwal Brahmins

Another story from India’s rural ghost graveyard, the Paliwal Brahmins, residing in the village of Kuldhara was a prosperous society 18 kilometres from the city of Jaisalmer, although they lived in the middle of the Thar, they had adequate water and food supplies for sustaining a decent standard of living and maintaining good working conditions. […]

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There is only one thing in the world which can unite a whole nation or people of the same nationality living elsewhere, that same thing can unite seemingly random groups of people and give them a goal and a belief to work towards to. That thing is sport, sport has more followers than anything else […]