Climate Change

Carbon Law and how technology and business can be our secret weapon

Owen Gaffney, a prominent climate change activist, science writer and journalist came up with the term “Carbon Law.” What is Carbon Law? Have you ever heard of Moore’s Law? It was coined by Gordon Moore, who, in 1950, said that the number of transistors on a circuit should double every two years and true to his word, this did happen. The transistors found in modern laptops, if increased to their 1950 size, would take up around three to four city blocks. So, moving on to carbon law. Carbon law states that the world should halve carbon emissions every decade, which would mean that by the midway point of the 21st century, the world would be practically driven by non-fossil fuel generated energy. This idea was proposed and 2010 and despite experiencing a lack of advertising, concern about the environment has automatically forced governments and big business to reduce carbon emissions and if we stay on the track we’re at, we’ll reach our ‘carbon law goal’ for 2020. Its the decade after that which is crucial, as we will have to make a solid foundation for reducing emissions by not eliminating unnecessary sources, but actually replacing big, fossil fuel driven plants with renewable energy sources. Along with that, we will have to increase the efficiency of solar cells, make windmills more energy efficient and find a method to tap another renewable energy source. More importantly, mankind will have to ensure that it doesn’t overuse renewable energy and convert it into non-renewable energy, which would erase all hope. Big Business too will be crucial to this change, as of now, the number of people who have been inspired to take a step towards a green world is minimalistic, yet we are progressing well, what happens if we involve, say, 3 billion or 4 billion people? Youtube, Facebook, Google and Amazon are the most used products in history, and all of them have big time advertising revenue. What if YouTube started taking less from ‘green’ companies, what if Facebook started advertising about Global Warming, what if Google started ranking websites belonging to high carbon-emission companies lower down its pecking order? What would happen then? The answer is, we won’t have to worry about kick-starting the movement against Climate Change;