The Power of Sport

There is only one thing in the world which can unite a whole nation or people of the same nationality living elsewhere, that same thing can unite seemingly random groups of people and give them a goal and a belief to work towards to. That thing is sport, sport has more followers than anything else on Earth. Sport has the power to make a stadium roar at a single moment and also to quieten an entire city. Sport is now a part of our daily lives. Imagine yourself without a team to support and without a great reason to get together with your friends, without screaming in joy at Dhoni’s sixes and shrieking in excitement at magic conjured up by Lionel Messi. There are negative aspects of sport too(addiction, violence, distraction), but the positive aspects outweigh them by quite a margin. Sport divides the world into further groups. In fact, the rivalry between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid has divided the whole world into two groups, Barca fans and Madrid fans. Sport is the religion all of us worship and if you think about it, no religion can cause millions of people to cry tears of joy at the same time, no religion can intensify rivalries and introduce competition to our everyday lives and no religion has the power to call upon all of its believers at once!

Game of Thrones – George Martin

“For the first time in hundreds of years, the night came alive with the music of dragons.” With this sentence, another great book comes to an end. George RR Martin has truly captured my mind with this spellbinding novel based on empires, fantasy, pride and fantastical beasts. This book cannot be described, it is simply fascinating, intriguing, magnificent and wonderful. The brilliant ripple effect created by Martin throughout the book is brilliant, one action taken place anywhere, in any location will have consequences everywhere(every mapped place in this book). According to me, Daenerys Targaryen is the protagonist in the story, she represents all that one can lose and all that one can gain at the same time. That last paragraph had me on the edge of my seat, i cannot wait to start with the second edition(A Clash of Kings). If you differentiate between the beginning and the ending of the story: In the beginning, there is only one peaceful kingdom ruled by a loved king and at the end, there are three kings in the realm, strange happenings in the north and one more supposed king not to mention Daenerys Targaryen who is safely across the narrow sea, although the same cannot be said for those who are being targeted by her. The fluidity with which Martin moves from one event to the other is startling, it is amazing. This book truly is a piece of art, an intricate and beautifully detailed piece of art.

Dark Matter – Blake Crouch

The best book I have ever read in my entire life. Dark Matter is a brilliant book which combines scientific possibilities, human nature and simply bizarre happenings into one great book. Blake Crouch is a true mastermind. In this book, Jason Dessen, a normal, middle-class man with a loving family is kidnapped by an unknown person. He is then asked one question, “Are you happy in your life” before his world changes forever. Blake Crouch weaves an intricate story saturated with suspense, awe and fear to satisfy any reader’s appetite. After that, Jason wakes up to find himself in a world in which he is a famous scientist. Shocked, Jason tries to investigate and finds that his son never existed and his wife is a single woman and an established artist. Finally, Jason understands the quantum complexity of the situation, he finds out that there are an infinite number of universes, each one having different scenarios of a single moment. If this is true, then that means that another version of Jason did this to him, he himself did this to him. Through how many universes, how much pain and how much anguish will Jason have to travel through to get his world, wife and children back?

End of Watch – Stephen King

End of watch is a truly magnificent book, full of suspense and magic. This book makes the impossible seem possible. Stephen King not only weaves a beautiful story but also changes the way we look at police and criminals. The story is set in the states, a place the outside world sees as a paradise but will Brady Hartsfield change that? Brady Hartsfield, a genius who has attempted public massacres and is now reduced to a shell of a man tries to influence another public massacre by using his strange telekinetic powers. Since childhood, Brady has been attracted towards suicide, he has even coaxed a few people into killing themselves. How can a person who can’t even walk, influence and start a tide of suicides in America? Retired police officer Bill Hodges acts as the protagonist in the story, Stephen King portrays that not even the good are perfect, this is shown when Bill is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Bill’s partner, Holly, is a lively and ingenious human being, her way around with computers and diplomatic problem-solving skills are the perfect companion for Bill’s bravery and determination. This book is a masterclass with a basic theme of good versus evil.

AB: The Autobiography – Ab De Villiers

Ab De Villiers is one of the most astonishing cricketers of all time. He can do everything from pulling off breathtaking catches to hitting bizarre sixes off nail-breaking yorkers. He has never failed to amaze us fans with his spectacular gallery of shots containing everything from reverse sweeps to amazing drives. As a fielder, he is the best in the world. This is his journey as a sportsman, a humble person and most importantly a respectable citizen of South Africa. The book not only talks about cricket but about his hobbies and passions too.

He grew up in a sport loving family. He was intrinsically attracted to sport. While growing up, he was an impeccable sportsman who excelled at tennis, rugby and cricket and was the youngest of three mad, sport loving brothers. For him, sport was ingrained into his basic psychology and biology.

The book describes every single moment of his epic journey through his own words. From debuting for the titans to smashing the world’s fastest century against the West Indies, from hitting sixes in the Indian premier league to encouraging the development of South Africa off the field through protea fire. Ab De Villiers has never failed to amaze us, whether he is at home or smashing a swashbuckling century.