Justice League Review

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The Catalonian referendum, and its impacts

Spain in turmoil, not heard of that one in a long time, have you? Catalonia, the biggest of the 18 districts of Spain has been demanding independence since  2010 but its demands have accelerated since the start of 2017. Today, a referendum has been held by the state government, which has been deemed illegal by the central government. This referendum goes against multiple clauses of the constitution and is rebellious in nature according to the Spanish government.

This referendum. if successful will have multiple consequences immense in magnitude.

There have been reports by local news agencies and eyewitnesses that police have started firing rubber bullets at crowds after things went out of hand, 38 injured.


To the Batcave, one last time…

Adam West, a legendary actor and a star who played the role of Batman in the 1960s passed away on 9th June. A star has gone out from the black canvas of our skies, R.I.P Adam West. He passed away at the age of 88, his career spanned seven decades and was very illustrious and awe-inspiring. To learn more about this epic personality, head to

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How did I not find out about Firebase earlier???

The greatest shock of the day for me today was finding out about firebase, a platform for developers made by Google which permits you to make your dream website and not only that but Firebase(a.k.a google) manages your servers, advertising, monetization and also prevents your system from crashing due to too much traffic or other reasons. Another great resource and yet another unknown resource. This also highlights the misery suffered by brilliant songs by wonderful artists lying unused on youtube(chariots by paper route).

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Why the Game of Thrones novels appeal so much to me

I am totally obsessed with empires(and the novel ‘dark matter’ too), in fact, it is the main reason behind my interest towards Game of Thrones, Star Wars, The Lord of The Rings and Bahubali(Yes Bahubali!). The idea of multiple states with different strategies, tactics and regulations battling each other to the death, not just for their pride but to gain territory, prosperity and dominance appeals heavily to me. Also, the fact that human evolution and nature funds this ‘competition’ and not some evil deity with mind control powers further attracts me towards empires, I am assured that, yes, this is perfectly human and a result of evolution and the thirst for dominance. The contrasting thoughts and personalities add suspense too(of which Martin is a master). The only thing I hate about movies and books based on empires is their rather common ability to leave the whole plot suddenly in a cliffhanger. For example, the end of Bahubali 1 had the whole nation of India on the edge of their seats for more than one year, in wait for the second part. In the end, the wait is essential(but not mandatory), it indirectly is a cause for more profits and more people going bonkers for that particular book/movie. Bahubali 1 had such a dramatic ending that it was the main reason for the record-breaking earnings of the second installation in the franchise. One thing is certain, a book/movie related to empires and kingdoms is the hardest thing one can do, for even one action, you have to have consequences in multiple areas(Martin again is a master in this). What I particularly like about Game of Thrones is Martin’s unique ability to write about a host of characters from dead people who are alive to men sitting all day long on a throne made of iron swords, from lands that are always covered in snow to shadowlands teeming with fantasy creatures like manticores and at the same time make all of that seem realistic and engaging. A fiction book cannot be good if it can’t engage the reader. Martin also has the ability to create more than two sides and move from the natural ‘good vs evil’ to ‘partly good vs partly evil vs evil vs good vs pure evil vs the unknown.’ If you look at the Lannisters as a person who knows nothing about GOT, they are a money loving, ‘the’ rich family with two cities to their name and thousands of soldiers too, they have enough wit to stay in power and install themselves as rulers. Sometimes, they are a bit overly ambitious but that’s okay(if you have three-four more empires threatening you). Now, don’t the Lannisters look good, but when you read the book, you start to dislike them the moment the plot begins to develop. Believe it or not, Martin uses ‘in media res,’ narrative hook, plot twist, poetic justice, a ticking clock scenario and the unreliable narrator technique. Sounds impossible, right?

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Another great resource(in the making)

Welcome to, a brilliant resource currently restricted to only India. This website provides an interactive platform to review and locate places such as fitness centres, sports shops, restaurants etc. Little dots of creativity are clearly visible here and there, primarily in the superheroes button. The superheroes button can be used to locate charity foundations, special organisations, school and other places that heavily contribute to the society and act as a ‘superhero.’ Another highly creative and innovative idea is present in the RimTim video review system. Everyone quickly writes a review and posts it, but RimTim has changed that, now wherever you are, take a short video and post it as a review on RimTim. Another brilliant idea by RimTim is,, which is another interactive to advertise locations and at the same time write articles which satisfy customer wants and ensure brilliant experience and total satisfaction

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Sachin: A Billion Dreams Review

Better than MS Dhoni: The untold story? My answer would be no. This doesn’t mean that I don’t like this epic documentary film on the greatest player cricket has ever known. This movie did not fit into what I would call a ‘movie,’ it was more like a documentary. Despite that, I had goosebumps when the “Sachin. Sachin…” chants started to fill the theatre. The movie also combines his downs and ups really well and generates a perfect flow between different scenes. Sachin’s passion and determination inspire us to do something great and change the world, as soon as the movie gets over, one begins to think about how he/she too is standing before a humongous crowd, all of them cheering wildly before them. This movie is heaven for cricket lovers!

A great resource

Ever wanted free photos with no copyrights on them? Welcome to, not only a brilliant resource but a wonderful website as well. You can create collections here (Google drive allows that too), follow photographers and explore an ocean of high-resolution images. This website provides free of cost, high-resolution images with no copyright laws binding them. Yes, you can do whatever you want with these photos! unsplash even permits re-selling these photos, although it is disgraceful and is highly disregarded. Download the photos, edit them and do something creative and then selling them is encouraged by unsplash although it makes no sense to sell something that is free of cost. Unsplash also has a website, which promotes edited photos available on unsplash. I hope you enjoy using this resource, it has been a great experience for me as of yet. You can also use these images in your programming projects!


Finally!!! The summer vacations!!!

Every student’s dream, the summer vacations, the magnificent summer vacations. A time to do swimming, nurture your hidden talents, travel all you like, meet relatives you had never known, watch movies and to have the best time of your life. Here in India, the summer vacations are hot, sunny and sweaty. Activities such as swimming and ice-cream eating distract us from the scorching sun. Most of the time, one is at home, not studying but chatting with their friends, watching movies, eating like a buffalo and playing PlayStation all day. In the morning and evening, you can go for running or head to a nearby academy to fine-tune your sports. These 42 days also ignite sadness in us for the first week or so. How can someone cope with life without their best friend all of a sudden? Where is the fun without a gang of students behind you? How can I not talk about FIFA 17 with anyone? In the end, the summer vacations are a time for you to relax and enjoy to the fullest before school opens again.

Samsung getting ready to compete with the likes of Alexa and Siri

In order to recover from last year’s embarrassing note 7 debacle, Samsung is launching Bixby, a digital assistant like Siri which has been fuelled by the tech company’s recent desire to emerge into the artificial intelligence setup. Bixby will compete with Alexa, Siri, Google Voice assistant and Cortana. The only difference is that Samsung claims “Bixby is fundamentally different from other voice agents or assistant’s.” Samsung has quoted that Bixby will not be used like any other voice assistant but will be used in almost all Samsung appliances, even televisions. Samsung wants to change the world of virtual digital assistants and grow the market for it. One question is that how will Samsung, a company more towards hardware and product quality compete with software giants like Google.

Neuralink – Elon Musk continues to amaze

Just when we thought that Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk had his hands full with making smart cars and planning for a trip to Mars, he comes out with another venture. Neuralink is a brain-computer interface venture still in the early stages of existence, although it shows high promise, the same promise which was once displayed by both Tesla and SpaceX when they were being termed as mere ‘fantasies.’ Musk recently told a crowd in Dubai “Over time I think we will probably see a closer merge of biological intelligence and digital intelligence.” There already exists a company, kernel which is based in Ukraine and mirrors Neuralink in its aims.

Transition – moving into 9th grade

Finally, the crossroads have arrived. Every student now has to take decisions that will eventually influence and shape their life and future career. The choosing of the subjects is a big part of a school. Some dread it, some relish it, some are prepared and some are clueless. Every class has those students who act like our gurus and help and try to influence our choices. Sometimes, due to peer pressure, the faint hearted give way and let other dictate their choice. In the end, you should listen to your heart and instincts and try not to get influenced too much. Take extra subjects too if you want, although you should be wary of other people teasing you and feeling overly envious about your choice. 9th grade as some people say will leave you under a massive burden. The shift from six subjects in the eighth grade to eight-ten subjects in 9th grade increases your educational burden by leaps and bounds and also leaves you hopelessly crushed under the weight of studies. If possible, do find a way to relax and stretch your muscles. Work out in the gym every evening, play video games or hang out with your friends, it’s all up to you. Stay relaxed and have conversations with your parents, they too passed through this crucial stage.